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Tour the marvelous Isole Tremiti to discover their charm and uncontaminated beauty that has earned them the name “le perle dell’Adriatico” – the pearls of the Adriatic.

The Tremiti islands are an archipelago made up of the isles of San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara and Pianosa. This little corner of paradise is home to millennia of history, making the Isole Tremiti into great big open air museums.


The dock on the southwest side provides the only access to the island. From the small port you go up to the plains where there were the first settlements on the island. Higher up on the island, you can visit the historic center. There you can find the Castello dei Badiali and the Abbey of Santa Maria. The latter was built in 1045 A.D. by Benedictine monks.



In some places the coast of this island gently slopes down into the sea, while in others cliffs plunging into the water are interrupted by a large number of sea caves, quiet bays and reefs sculpted by acts of nature. The most fascinating caves are the Grotta delle Rondinelle, whose name comes from the swallows (rondenelle in Italian) that nest there in the spring; the Grotta delle Viole covered with the marvelous colors of the bushes that flower there in the spring; and the Grotta del Sale, which holds a large amount of sparkling white salt.


On San Domino we can also find the beaches of Cala delle Arene, Cala Matano and the beaches below the Pagliai that can only be reached from the sea. The main island of San Domino is the most prepared of the islands for tourism with the best hospitality structures and the most intense nightlife.

Not to miss:

  • The pine groves of the Pines of Aleppo
  • Grotta delle Viole
  • Grotta delle Rondinelle
  • Grotta del Buemarino
  • Cala delle Arene
  • Cala Matano
  • Isola di Cretaccio
  • The Architiello rock arch of Isola di Capraia
  • The Fisherman’s Ciambotta
  • Elephant’s Head rock on San Domino

A sailing tour of the main islands of the Tremiti archipelago. For snorkeling and scuba enthusiasts, Marina Sveva recommends the underwater marvels of the Tremiti islands. There are 23 underwater routes where you can observe the patrimony of our marine flora and fauna.

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