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The coming of the Bourbons was linked to the growth of the autochthonous grapes of the Tintilia.

The bunches of grapes with purple reflections that dance in the air almost seems to show the intervention of the young Bacchus dancing around.


Larino is an important center in the area that belonged to the southern Frentani located in the territory of Piano San Leonardo. There we can find the presence of rural settlements all the way back to the Greek and Roman period. Let someone take you on a visit to the unique village, which is more than a simple walkthrough. The borgo is its own show with music and ancient tales that can be found in the narrow little streets and the remains from the Roman period.



Enrica and Angelo are waiting for you in one of the “contrade” or districts outside of Larino to take you into their wine estate known as the Cantine D’Uva (the Cellar of Grapes). The visit starts with a walk through the vines to discover the native Molisani grapes, before you learn the cultivation and pruning techniques used to care for them as you move through the winemaking sites. At lunch you can taste the prestigious wines of the company in their agritourism inn, where you can rest during the hottest part of the summer days.

Cantine d'Uva


Just 6 km outside of Marina Sveva, the Terresacre cellar is a modern structure built in 2006. It is one of the most interesting places in the world of Molisano wine production that is based in the tradition and culture of this ancient land. Terresacre vini are the result of dedication to making great wines that are the vehicles of a one of a kind moment of pleasure. The productions of this cellar have joined the ranks of Italy’s best wines.


Not to miss:

  • Roman Amphitheater of Larino
  • Tintilia wine
  • Termoli
  • Termolese broth
  • Civic Museum of Larino
  • MAAK- Kalenarte open air contemporary art museum
  • Lake Guardialfiera
  • La Pampanella – a typical Molisano dish
  • Campomarino natural reserve
  • Frentani Itinerary Ecomuseum

Visit 1 Roman village and 2 wineproducer’s cellars.

Starting in Marina Sveva, the route runs a total of 80 km.

Marina Sveva recommends the festival of San Pardo in Larino at the end of May. 130 triumphal chariots pulled by sheep and oxen are hand decorated with flowers of all colors. For 3 days they are driven through the city streets between the main holy sites of hermitage of San Primiano and the Cathedral of San Pardo.

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