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Centuries old olive trees are waiting here to greet visitors, ready to accompany them along the ancient tratturi

paths bathed in sunlight where one day seems the same as the next, but the towns and villages are all unique and different and each one offers its own hospitality, conversation, food, cooking and color.


Among the hills of Vasto, in our own slice of paradise, is La Selvotta farming estate.

Start with a walk through the centuries old olive trees before visiting the estate’s olive press where you observe the different phases of oil preparation and the modern gathering and processesing techniques that transform the olives just hours after being harvested. This results in delicious oils rich in fragrances and beneficial properties.



La selvotta 1

Itinerario Olio

Casolare San Martino


Moving south to where the hills and sea meet among one of a kind colors we find the Marina Colonna estate. Visit the olive press and stay for lunch for dishes rigorously prepared with the most prestigious Colonna extra virgin olive oil. It is also a change to visit and get the feel of a rural home. The day can be customized to your taste with a stroll around the estate or perhaps with a cooking class on the best traditional Molisana cuisine.



The history and art of Termoli combine the memory of many different ethnicities. The Borgo Vecchio, or old city, stands atop a promontory jutting out into the sea, and looks like a citadel. At the bottom of the city walls there is the Passeggiata dei Trabucchi path with ancient and impressive pier like structures for fishing. There you can admire the spectacular sunsets on warm summer evenings.

Not to miss:

  • Borgo San Martino in Pensilis
  • Speadable chocolate with extra virgin olive oil
  • Hikes on the dunes of Campomarino
  • Hiking and horsebackriding among the olive groves
  • Tastign of Molisani oils
  • Termolese broth
  • Svevo Castle in Termoli
  • Roman Excavations in Larino
  • Visit to a Trabucco fishing pier
  • Old city of Termoli

Visita 2 famous and internationally awarded olive presses. Visit the city of Termoli. The route runs for a total of 48 km “Marina Sveva recommends” area is on the bottom right “Da Nicolino”: Don’t miss the two most typical dishes of local cuisine, the Brodetto alla Termolese and stuffed Calamari, to be enjoyed with the best local wines.


Termoli Trabucco


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