Recipes from the territory: “Pallotte casce e ova” (cheese and egg balls)

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Recipes

A typical dish of the culinary tradition of Molise and Abruzzo, popular with locals and visitors alike

an old peasant and shepherd recipe.

Those who arrive along this stretch of coastline cannot avoid tasting the typical dish of the Abruzzo and Molise country tradition. A dish from bygone times, it is considered “poor” because it is mainly designed to reuse the leftovers of cheeses and bread. Often typical of Christmas dinner, the pallotte casce e ova arose from the need to prepare tasty and nutritious meals, such as meatballs, despite the scarcity of meat available to the poorer segments of the population. This is not to undervalue their production, especially as regards the frying, which is the result of the mastery of the real housewives of the town, who know how to make the “pallotte” both crunchy and soft at the same time.


We advise you to taste them at Locanda Mammì, a stop on our Itinerary through Agnone
We advise you to taste them at Locanda Mammì, a stop on our Itinerary through Agnone, where they are re-imagined with a modern touch as nice appetizer finger food: : strictly to be enjoyed with your hands! And for those wishing to test themselves in the preparation, maybe even on a boat, here is the recipe video directly presented by Stefania!

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