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by | Sep 27, 2016 | Territory

Marina Sveva takes care of its environment thanks to sophisticated and innovative systems to reduce waste

Full attention to eco-sustainability: the innovative tourist port of Montenero di Bisaccia emerges as the green port of Molise thanks to its high-tech systems!

The essential and predominant element of the system is certainly water, a precious commodity to be respected and protected. In this regard, the tourist port is equipped with a water purification system to collect and recycle rainwater; a suction column for waste water and bilge, with subsequent treatment before disposal; and solar panels which allow hot water to be obtained self-sufficiently.

Marina Sveva also has a system for collecting water from natural aquifers which makes it possible to supply water for boat washing while conserving drinking water. To preserve the water surface in the bunkering area, anti-pollution treatments are performed.

Marina Sveva, Molise

That’s not all, because the focus on the environment also involves energy conservation, for which Marina Sveva has chosen a lighting system based exclusively on LED lights that allows the entire complex to reduce its energy consumption while offering guests a charmingly illuminated atmosphere. Finally, to keep the entire area clean, at the top of each jetty new-generation cigarette end disposal bins have been installed, made of non-toxic and 100% recyclable materials.

Marina Sveva portacicche

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