Nautical services


Operator-operated and self-service refueling.


Water available at the dock.


Electricity available at the dock.

Private bathrooms and showers

Private bathrooms and showers accessible by contactless key.

Dock lighting

Lighting of the entire port area.

Weather forecast

Weather service available to boaters.

Limited access to the dock

Access to one’s dock via contactless key.


Areas for recycling collection present in several puti of the port.

Sewage and bilge water disposal

Service available on site.

24/7 Video Surveillance

There are cameras in the port that are accessible 24/7 via the web.

Cleaning of the body of water

Water purification plant and anti-pollution benches.

Underwater services

Tecnical support


Mobile crane capacity 20 tons

Travel-lift capacity 70 tons

Indoor storage

Slipway for launching and hauling boats

Engine repairs

For guests

Information point

Information point at the harbor entrance.

Bar and restaurant with direct access to the beach

There are several bars and restaurants in the port area.

300 parking spaces

Numerous parking lots present, both with reserved access and outside the port.

Free wifi

The whole area is covered by wi-fi.

Shuttle service

Thanks to the shuttle service, getting to the port is even easier.

Boat rental

In the harbor it is possible to rent boats with or without a skipper.

Accessori e pezzi di ricambio per la nautica

Boating accessories and parts store.

Tasting of local products

Tasting of local products


Laundry service is available among the attitudes present.



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